Fighter Pilot

My bus driver thinks he’s a fighter pilot. “We’re direct into Hamilton; ETA 9:00.”

Well, the weekend was filled with its ups and downs. One of the downs was the fact that the Canadian men’s hockey team lost two games in a row. Now that’s not right. Watching those two games was generally not enjoyable. Another thing is the fact that I will not be creating a WordPress theme from scratch. In of itself, this is no big deal, but secretly, I’ve wanted to do something on my own so that I can write ‘By Charlie’, and not just ‘Based on’ someone else’s work. Who knows, right now it’s looking like it’ll just be another modification, but maybe I’ll get a shot of ambition and do it all on my own. We’ll see…

On the other hand, I got to speak with Nick over the weekend, making him exhaust of a good portion of his 15 Euro calling card. Anyways, that was just like old times with the random pauses of nothingness. We’d be each doing whatever on our end and just the fact that the other guy was still breathing into the phone was somehow comforting. I hadn’t spoken to someone on the phone for that long in quite a while.

Since it’s reading week at UWaterloo, I’m hoping that some of the guys at the res have gone back home. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in peace and quiet.

Oh, I love it when we drive up into the hill above Hamilton. The view is quite spectacular at night.


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  1. Hey Charlie,

    It looks like you haven’t gotten any comments for a while, so I’m here to save the day.

    Nice to hear that you and Nick got a chance to talk on the phone as well. It’s amazing how much smaller the world is when you get to talk to each other as if you’re only a couple of blocks away. I guess it’s not going to be like that anymore, huh. Well, we’ll make the best of whatever time we have together for the next few decades, of course.

    I’m absolutely shattered about the Canadians and their crap performance in Men’s Hockey. It’s not on TV here, so I’m thinking that if I were at home and watching the game, somehow, my good karma would make them win…

    Anyway I hope things are good with you. My friends here at school are looking at my blog posts from the past 8 months and I’m thinking about you.

    Take care.

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