Economics Midterm…

I signed up for the ECON102 class with Larry Smith mostly due to almost disillusioned praise of his class and course. While I’m definitely enjoying the lectures (it’s not often I can sit anywhere for 3 hours without getting completely bored to tears) I’m not looking forward to tomorrow night’s midterm. From what I’ve heard so far, it’s going to be a horror-fest. And yet I haven’t really started studying yet. I need to make a ‘reference sheet’ (he explicitly tells us not to call it a ‘cheat sheet’) and I’m hoping the process of writing that up will result in a good bit of studying as a by-product. It doesn’t help that I have a programming project and digital logic lab due on Wednesday…

I had an interview this morning with Bell Canada. It was absolutely frigid; I walked about 15 minutes through minus 30-something Celsius temperature with wind-chill. I think I did really well at the interview. The fact that I worked at Bell Mobility last semester didn’t hurt. I already knew a lot of their working methods and I answered the questions asked of me pretty well. The interviewer even told me so. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere. It wasn’t a set of predefined questions ripped off one after another. There was good flow and open-ended. It basically went where I took it. Overall very nice. The job sounds absolutely amazing. I think I would learn a lot.

Now a couple problems. First is the fact that the office is smack dab in the middle of downtown Toronto. It’s not that I don’t like Toronto; I don’t particularly like any large city. It probably has something to do with growing up in a small-ish town. I just don’t feel terribly comfortable. Housing costs are going to be pretty ridiculous as well. Second, the interviewer briefly discussed salary. He stated it would be about average, then proceeded to say a few numbers, not terribly clearly ming you. It could be my mind making stuff up, but I think I heard ‘thirteen-eight’. That’s right. 13.80. That’s atrociously low and nowhere near ‘average’. I made upwards of $17/hour last semester and while money isn’t the only reason I’m doing co-op, it is a fair-sized influence. That’s not to mention the fact that housing’ll probably be more expensive than say, Mississauga.

As part of the interview process, I’m supposed to write up a couple pages on MPLS. The idea is to see how well I can distill technical information and combine it with business. What is MPLS and why are telecom companies looking at it? I wonder if inquiring about the salary would be a good idea when sending in that paper. Probably not eh?

I just remembered I have a lab demonstration to present tomorrow morning. What luck I have, all this work piling on at the same time. Back to ECON 102 I go.

Update: After some more digging and getting in contact (through back channels I might add) with a student who had worked there previously, I found out that it was most likely ‘thirty-eight’ I heard and not thirteen eight. You see Bell Canada apparently likes to give salary in annualized form. Thirty-eight probably means $38K/year. Doing some algebra leads me to a number between $19 and $20 per hour.

Now that’s more like it. 😀


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