Dug-up Photos

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a few of the pictures I’ve got here, so up they go now.

UWaterloo after snow

That was one of those mornings that you think you could live forever. It was just so beautiful even with the ugly-as-sin University of Waterloo buildings making up the skyline. Quite a bit of snow had fallen the previous night but it was sunny that morning. The whole world was glistening. Just very nice overall.

The pimp bus

That was the bus that had a little mishap a couple weeks back (wow, now that I look back, the time really flew by). Now keep in mind, I’m taking this shot perfectly straight, so you can see just how tilted the bus was. The suspension was totally messed up.

I also found, this past weekend, my next semester’s course schedule. Let’s just say I now have 31 hours of classes, two more than last semester and 8:30AM classes, EVERYDAY. I mean come on UWaterloo, ease up on us a little? Well, I have less to complain about than say the mech engineers who have 35 hours of class per week next semester from what I hear. Still, being the engineering student that I am, I have the duty to whine and complain about university. You’ll hear from me in the near future I’m sure. 🙂

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7 Replies to “Dug-up Photos”

  1. Oh man I laughed so hard at that post! Ugly-as-sin I miss those funny english idioms…they just aren’t funny in German. Especially when you translate them and say them and then everyone just kind of goes silent and stares at you.:P

  2. You’re not in university yet Will. 😛 Once you’re here, you’ll see why we complain. Soon. But not yet. (what’s that from, for a cookie?)

  3. Both of you stop complaining…I work (on average) 55 – 60 hours a week, have one day off a week, and don’t get home until late most evenings. University is a doddle compared to the big wide world of work…that’s why I can’t wait to go back to university!!!!

  4. Haha Rushan, but I have to disagree. Well, at least for any regular 9-5 jobbie I guess. I’m doing that now and it’s a piece of cake compared to university studies. Then again, your line of work is hardly what I’d call normal. It takes a lot more of a person to do what you do. I’ve always respected that. 🙂

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