4 Replies to “Don’t You Hate it When…”

  1. Just finished your rather lengthy ipod review! It really is like sex, it is a pretty hot little machine! Thanks a lot you made me miss home soooooooooo much with those ‘last photos from the Gray’:P I remember sitting in Mrs. Flemming’s room with you on the computer getting those pictures ready. Good times, man I can’t wait to get back together.

    BTW, have you realized that you have over 6000 hits on your site!!!?!?!?!?

  2. Yeah, I thought you guys would like that photo album. 😉 I still haven’t heard from Rene about those pics of him and Mr. Taylor! I contemplated putting the pictures of you and your brother wrestling Nick.

    And yeah, I kinda advertised my review at a tech site and I got a few views these past few days (almost 400 in one day).

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