Done 4A

There are no more obstacles left in my path to Redmond!

My last exam of the 4A semester was earlier this evening, ECE 418, and it went quite smoothly. I now have two weeks before I ship off to the United States. I plan on using that time to prepare for graduate school applications in the fall and go out and do lots of photography, enjoy the last days of summer. I’m headed to Stratford (Ontario) this weekend for a photo trek. I hear it’s a nice town.

Wow, these past months have flown by. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.


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  1. Two whole weeks of freedom during the most perfect time of year and what do you choose to do with it? Grad school applications. I wish there was an emoticon for boring.

    Congrats on finishing up chuckers, can’t wait to see you sometime this year.

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