Dell XPS M1330 – Glamour Shots

I figure after playing with the Dell XPS M1330 for a couple days, it’s about time I showed you what has been the object of my attention. Damn, do I ever need a new camera. This old Canon SD200 just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Dell Logo
Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1330

I’m still working on a full review. I’m hopeful it’ll be done by the weekend.


7 Replies to “Dell XPS M1330 – Glamour Shots”

  1. I look forward to the review; I’m still trying to decide between this laptop and the Lenovo T61 Thinkpad. By the way, how long ago did you order this (I’m sure you’re said this somewhere but I’m lazy)?

  2. I’m still cracking away at the review. It’s a little more substantial than I originally wanted it to be, but hey, can’t be too thorough right? 😉 I was also considering the Thinkpad T61, but ended up with the M1330.

    I ordered the laptop on July 4th.

  3. Rene – No it’s not. 😛

    Benjamin – Thanks! I’m actually about to post some more pictures later this evening, so you’ll be able to get your fix. 😉

  4. I ordered mine in the UK on 22 July. The original delivery estimate said on or before 24 August… I’ve just checked my order and they’ve revised the estimate to 8 October, even though they took all the money in full last week. Charlatans.

  5. Louise – You should definitely call and complain about that. Dell should not and cannot take you money without shipping the item. If they have, that’s definitely a problem on their side and they should refund you immediately.

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