Dear Neighbor

I spent a portion of this past weekend shoveling out from under a massive snow storm. In the Niagara Region, more than 45 cm of snow fell in a 36 hour period between Friday evening and Saturday night. In fact, this winter has been accompanied with an abnormally large amount of precipitation. Several parts of southern Ontario are hitting or close to record snowfall levels. I went out midday Saturday with my dad to perform a mid-storm shoveling of the driveway. I figured it would make the re-dig on Sunday more bearable. I haven’t shoveled snow in a very long time and my technique showed it – lift with the knees, not with the back they all say. I definitely didn’t. I awoke Sunday to a sore back.

Winter Storm - March 08

By the good graces of our neighbor, I didn’t have to shovel that day. He was in the process of finishing snow blowing our driveway, without so much as even mentioning it! Luckily I caught him as I glanced out the window after waking up and made sure to go outside to greet and thank him. I was very touched by the show of generosity on his part. Thanks Peter.

I’ll leave you with another photo of the freshly plowed driveways and roads. As you can see, some of the snow drifts reach more than halfway up the passing truck.

Winter Storm - March 08


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  1. I was at the beach on the weekend. My father’s face is peeling he is burned so badly.

    So there 🙂 I am slightly jealous though… I miss the snow.

  2. Thanks for rubbing it in guys… 😛 It’s been pretty nice here for the past few days. I’ve ditched the winter jacket for something lighter. The smell of spring is certainly in the air, and not a moment too soon.

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