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After knocking at the door for a couple semesters, I finally got my first Dean’s List placement that actually counts (first was in 1B, but need two from 2A onwards to get the Dean’s List note on a diploma at the University of Waterloo). I really should have gotten it in 2A, but due to some miscommunication, my mark update from a mis-marked final exam didn’t get submitted until rankings had been calculated for Dean’s List consideration. It peeved me off at the time, but I was confident that it wasn’t a fluke.

The past study semester was an interesting one for me. I took ECE332 (Microelectronic Circuits) as an ‘elective’, which many friends chastised me for. The professor wasn’t very highly regarded, and with the mark I got at midterm time, I started feeling the same way. In all fairness though, the mark was 95% my fault. While I wasn’t very accustomed to his teaching style, it was still my imperative to work hard and seek help. I did neither for the midterm.

But, aside from that course, everything clicked. I could feel the topics sink in. It brought back memories of high school when I could simply sit, listen, and understand. My midterm marks (aside from ECE332) showed that I was indeed on top of things. It was a good feeling and probably the first time since coming to the University of Waterloo that I felt so comfortable with everything. It wasn’t simply a matter of being able to regurgitate on an exam either. I truly understood and could apply the concepts being presented.

Building on that momentum, I kept up with my studies and made a promise to myself to pull it together in ECE332 as well. I spent some quality time studying for final exams, especially ECE332 and pulled off good marks. No longer was I scratching at the border of the Dean’s List. I made it in, solidly. For engineering at the University of Waterloo, the Dean’s List requires that your average minus your percentile ranking be above 80%. It means that one must do well in both absolute and relative terms.

I’m looking forward to 3B and especially the last couple semesters of school until I graduate. It won’t be 4th year until I actually get to choose many courses, but I’ve already pre-enrolled in computer architecture, communications and hardware courses.


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