Deal – Zune 16GB with AC Adapter $124.99

Future Shop has the Microsoft Zune 16GB flash MP3 player for $129.99 this week, $50 off the regular price. Even better, BestBuy is carrying the same player for the regular price of $179.99, meaning a price match brings it down to $124.99. Furthermore, BestBuy is bundling a free AC adapter with the 16GB Zune. All told, a very good deal for a good capacity flash MP3 player.

I’ve written about this very capable player in the past. It still serves me well to this day. The Zune software is so much better than iTunes (in Windows) it’s scary. If you’re looking for a player that does music and does it well,  I can heartily recommend the Zune.


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  1. Haha, getting there. Although this post was simply due to the fact that I’m happy with my Zune and the 16GB was on for a great price.

    You’ve always known I’ve been partial to Microsoft, in no small part because it seems everyone is partial to Google + Apple these days, without quite being able to communicate as to why.

  2. any idea where in toronto canada I can take my zune for repair???

    the window screen craked and although I can view all pictures and colours as if the device was brand new, the crack across the screen is really bugging me. I talked to microsoft and they told me for $80 they can replace it (I think this is for the LCD replacement but mine works).

    I don’t know what to do….

    For a little more I can buy a brand new one, or better yet, for a little extra I can get an 80gb zune

    any help? tips?anyone??


    I agree 100% that the zune computer software is much more user friendly than Itunes.
    I’ve owned both ipod and zune, but honestly my Ipod took way harder falls and far more hits than my zune, and my ipod never broke or the screen never cracked on my ipod.
    I think this is because Ipod screens are not made of glass!!!!

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