D-Day Minus 1

I haven’t really written anything substantial on there in the past few days, mainly because I’ve had a lot to do and on my mind. A somewhat irksome time for me, but it’ll soon pass. But maybe something’ll be spat out into this post.

Well it’s finally down to crunch time. In one day, I will be off to the University of Waterloo to commence my studies. I’ve been expecting this day for a long time, but at the same time, I’m hesitant. I remembering thinking about three weeks ago that I still had that much time before I needed to worry. Well, those weeks seriously flew by and I’m on the verge of a new chapter in my life. It’s at these points in my life that I like to think back and reminisce. It’s been pretty busy all summer here, and I feel as though I’ve been neglecting what I had prior to the move. Already I’ve fallen out of contact with some people. It’s inevitable I guess, but oh, do I ever wish it weren’t. So here I am sitting at 2AM listening to Ben Folds Five. I’ve always Ben Folds to be my kind of sad/remembering music. It’s so mellow; I can’t help but listen to the words and get swept back in time.

It’s really quite sad how much I’ve been putting this university stuff off. In fact, I only started packing my clothes and stuff today. Who knows, chances are I’ll forget a crapload of stuff that I don’t realize that I use. Fortunately though, I’m not too far from home, so I can always get it some other time. I’ve finally got the laptop working pretty much as I want it after the reformat. The MP3 player I tried using the MTP firmware again. Just testing it again here, it’s still buggy. God, why can’t they just make a half decent firmware for this goddamn player. Eh, it’s usable at least. Oh, just trying it again, seems like if I open the sync program before I connect it, it works well. Gotta remember that now.

I’ve been getting m fix of UT2003 before I head off to university. UT2003’s a terribly addicting game, one that I will more than likely have to avoid at university. I can’t be playing UT multiple hours a day there. There’ll be better things to do and I can’t let that UT calling get in the way. Eh, you have to sacrifice some things to get ahead in life.

You know what I need to start doing more? Going on MSN. I haven’t been on MSN in soooo long and that could be something that’s contributing to my lack of contact. I’ve never liked MSN to talk to friends, cause I took for granted the fact that I could see them just about everyday face to face to talk. Now it’s just not possible. Maybe MSN’s not so bad. I’ll have to write some people emails sometime soon as well. Probably not tomorrow since I’ve still got lots to do in preparation for moving in. And well, tomorrow’s my last day to prepare. Better prepare as well as I can!

Hmmm, speaking of preparing, I just went and reread the two most recent emails from Waterloo. The first is one about proper use of the ResNet. There’s info on how to protect your computer on their network and so on and so forth. It’s just the regular old ramble about use antivirus, use a firewall, get your Windows updates, don’t d/l pr0n, eat your wheaties in the morning, etc, etc. The second email’s one about some President’s scholar gathering. Great, I get to meet the president of the university, along with the geeks of the school. Hooway! =P I kid, I kid.

So uh yeah, I think it’s about time for me to go to bed now. It’s like what, only 2:30AM now? Sheesh, doing other crap and writing this at the same time really slows me down. Oh well, g?night..


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