Crimson Editor

For web development, I’ve been finding myself using mostly Notepad2 for the coding portion of the work. While tools like Dreamweaver are extremely powerful, the learning curve is pretty steep. For example, I never figured out how the graphical editor to work properly. As a result, I could never see the results of my coding before uploading it to the server. Other people just prefer the use of a full text approach for coding websites. Whatever your reason is, there are definitely reasons for syntax sensitive text editors. Notepad2 is an example, one that I found out about only during my first semester of computer engineering.

But I found myself with way too many Notepad2 windows open. It became a pain to keep my workspace organized. I tried using Dreamweaver as a tabbed text editor, but it was way too memory intensive just for using the text portion of the program. That was until I found Crimson Editor.

Crimson Editor is a tabbed syntax-sensitive text editor. It can change profiles to account for anything from C/C++ to Java to PHP to SQL. A multitude of settings can be changed to make the workspace exactly as you want it. Plus it has features such as a find and replace function and an inbuilt FTP function is available so you can edit files (essentially) right from the server. I had to use the Winlnet option to get this to work however. Otherwise, it would fail to connect.

While the latest release seems to be somewhat dated, (Sept. 2004) it’s a very powerful tool which I’d definitely recommended for people who prefer to do programming with a small-footprint text editor as opposed to using an IDE.

Crimson Editor

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