Well, just a short little snippet, but I actually held my first Blackberry today. My Dad was ‘issued’ one by the company and I had a chance to play around with it a bit. It’s definitely a slick piece of hardware. You’d think typing on something like this would be a pain, but it’s actually very quick and easy. It’s not one of those almost-dedicated email thingies anymore. It’s got the two letters to each number like buttons, but their intelligent typing is really slick. You can basically press on the buttons with the letter you want and be almost guaranteed that you typed what you wanted to at the end of a sentence. For example:

You want to type ‘fox’. That means you push the buttons ‘DF’, ‘OP’ and ‘ZX’. Clearly the only real word you can make from that order and combination is the word fox. So even though you’ll actually type ‘DOZ’, it’ll change it after you’re done typing to fox. Unless of course you actually want to type DOZ in which case you just do some random other command it’ll do that. But essentially it’s very problem free after you learn it. It’s not like you have to press those buttons twice to get the second letter all the time.

Crackberry? Definitely possible. I’m drawn to it even after just playing with it for like 20 minutes. Then again I’m a sucker for cool gadgets.


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