Well it seems like the ‘kidnapping’ (Israelis like to call it that while Hamas is calling it a ‘capture’… semantics) of the Israeli soldier late last month was just the beginning of what could potentially turn into a regional flare-up. Another two Israeli soldiers were captured recently by Hezbollah, which drags Lebanon back into the sights of Israel. Since Hezbollah and reported to be supported, funded, and armed by Syria and Iran, the entire Middle East region has now been thrown into the thick of things directly or indirectly. While Israel is categorizing its incursions invasion of Palestinian territory as ‘self-defence’, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to convince the rest of world on this matter. Already, the UN Secretary General has called on Israel to at least allow humanitarian aid through the region. Due to the Israeli bombings of the main power station and the destruction of numerous bridges, the humanitarian situation is becoming worse and worse.

And now that Lebanon has been pulled into the mix, it’s hard to imagine this dieing down before it first escalates. Both sides are being extremely stubborn. Israel is refusing to negotiate whatsoever and Hamas and Hezbollah are unlikely to give up their bargaining chip without at least some prisoners being freed by Israel. Neither side is in a favorable position. Hamas and Hezbollah do not have the capabilities to participate in an all out war against the Israeli army, but at the same time, Israel is painting a huge target on themselves. Many people are shocked at Israel’s extreme overreaction to the captures and is definitely not changing its ‘bully’ status in the Middle East…

But enough of that serious stuff… I’ve been neglecting this blog too much recently. I mean look at it, 3 posts so far this month. How terrible is that? I finished up my work for this week pretty early (no, I didn’t even leave my calculus assignment until the last day) and so I’m really trying to make the most of the free time. Extra sleep is definitely first on my list, which is why I have to power through this post and wash up.

I’m currently going through Entourage withdrawal. I finished the first two seasons in about 3 weeks of watching the show and I watched the first 4 episodes of season 3 in one night. I watched the 5th episode of season 3 just the other day. Now I’m without any Entourage until this Sunday. To fill the gap, I’ve been watching some of The Office and I downloaded season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation last night.

It’s just about time to start studying for finals as well. Most of the courses are starting to wrap up as there’s really just slightly more than one week of classes left. I’m currently caught up in 4 of my 5 courses so I feel pretty good. (Although I did get back a midterm today, which I got only 82% on. It really wasn’t that difficult of a midterm and I’m extremely disappointed in myself. It seems like circuits just isn’t my forte. Sucks that it has to be the double-weighted course too…) I was aiming for a 90% average, although with the way calculus is going and how I never seem to be able to do well in circuits, I’m not too sure how realistic that is now. Oh well, I’m definitely going to start studying earlier this semester. Hopefully, that’ll be good for a couple percentages.

I also (semi-)decided to buy a desktop this coming work semester. I don’t think I can stand the thought of not having something to game on when I’m bored as heck after work. I can just see that Conroe system with a 20″ LCD already. It would be so nice, but I’ll have to look at the financial situation when next semester rolls around. Speaking of work, I really need to do some research of those analysis tools that my employer sent me…


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