Classic Movies and Thoughts on Life

I’ve been spending more time with my family over this Christmas and we’ve gotten around to watching a few ‘classic’ movies. Specifically, on the docket were The Terminal with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones and The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and co.

First off, I’d like to say, if you haven’t seen The Terminal, please go watch it. I found it to be an amazingly entertaining movie. It really demonstrates the adaptability of humans (slightly exaggerated in the movie) and some of our less attractive attributes, like greed for power. Spielberg (yeah, it’s a Spielberg film) wraps it all nicely into a well presented storyline about a foreigner that gets stuck in the JFK airport due to some poorly timed incidents back in his home country. As for The Sound of Music… well, do I really have to say anything about that one?

The main point here is that we need more movies like these two. Sure, every once in a while, a shoot-em-up action flick is nice, but I’d rather watch something that evokes an emotion other than, ‘woah – special effects’. Or perhaps it’s that the high-visibility movies nowadays are like that. I mean the past few movies I’ve seen or considered watching were things like Casino Royale, Blood Diamond, or Rocky Balboa.

It’s ironic. Earlier, I was debating with a friend about consumerism and materialism and how they are a part of our lives. Life is so complicated; even though I’m only a year through university, I feel like I’ve grown a significant amount, mentally and emotionally. Perhaps it’s the co-op semesters and working a full time job. Whatever the case, there’s always a bunch of things on my mind. As a result, a little simplicity is something that’s very attractive to me. And these two movies I’ve watched recently are prime examples of a more simple, and some may even say primitive way of life. The main concern is how to be happy and content.

That’s definitely what my main concern is. It just isn’t always that simple.


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  1. I don’t like the Sound of Music. Actually, I despise most musicals. They kind of annoy and bore me. I’m pretty sure The Terminal was based on a real story too. I think the main goal of people is to be happy and content. For instance one could argue that we do the things we do in the hopes that it’ll make us happy. Dancing at Myron’s could make one person happy the same as killing Americans could make terrorists happy. Bit of a stretch and my argument isn’t really there but I’m far too lazy to make an effort to eleborate and expand on it. I think you get the jist of what I’m trying to say though.

  2. I agree with you Charlie, emotion is more important than special effects every time. The Sound of Music is of course a classic, and a favourite of mine; however, The Terminal ranks as one of my favorite movies of all time. For me, the music really added a lot to that movie. John Williams did a fantastic job. I own the soundtrack and listen to it on occasion. It made the movie for me without a doubt, although the storyline, acting and directing were all great too.

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