A Vow

I vow not to watch House until (at least) after my physics midterm on Wednesday. It has been too distracting and my 1 episode study breaks too often turn into two episode breaks. That means an hour and a half of House, which is both entertaining yet at the same time distracting me from my main goal of studying.

That is all.


Well, I’m going home this weekend mostly because I’ve lost a significant amount of morale over the past couple weeks. It’s been essentially university beating me over the head over and over. And it doesn’t seem to want to let up. So it’s time to take refuge for a little while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to working harder than I’ve ever worked to try and wrap my head around all the material we’ve been learning. Plus, I really need to improve my basic (relative) math skills. I mean if I forget a thing or two, that’d be normal, but there have been some serious issues with me lately. I feel like I’m actually incapable of picking stuff up. Maybe it’s just info overload or something, but it’s not doing anything nice for my morale. I would probably say it’s at an all time low right now. Much worse than after midterms last semester even. I can hardly wait til that rolls around this semester, which is really only another week and a bit away. Scary I know.

Let’s just say I’m having some serious issues in several of the classes and I’m not sure how much more of a beating my resolve can take. I’m going to have to do some serious thinking this weekend.

It’s serious. I kid you not. It’s not like me saying, “oooooohhhh I failed that test” in high school. This is serious stuff. I don’t know if you’ll believe me. Maybe I cried wolf one too many times already.


Today was one of the first days in quite a while that I was truly, genuinely pissed off. And I don’t even think it was the actual anger that bothered me so much. I think it was mostly the fact that I knew I was angry and hadn’t felt like that in such a long time.

I started off the TUTWiT blog as something that greatly interested me, tech and the TWiT podcast. Okay, so I’ll admit it probably wasn’t the best idea (uninvited TWiT and all) but I did something I wanted to do and wrote about something I’m interested in. After all, that’s what a personal website is for. Anyways, I got some scathing remarks and comments about the blog that I didn’t think was warranted. To put it lightly, I was bombarded by people sarcastically congratulating me for ‘becoming’ a TWiT and all that sort of stuff. I’ve never found it necessary to personally attack people, but on the net it’s different. You can say things to people you wouldn’t or couldn’t bring yourself to in real life. But that is just one of the many joys of the internet no? The great equalizer. Someone with a big mouth can say anything he/she wants.

As I never liked arguing senselessly, I’ve stripped away just about everything that may allude to the former focus of the blog, TWiT. It’s going to be a generic tech blog just like the other thousands (if not millions) out there. Perhaps that’ll remove me from their radar screens. I can’t take another comment about it. I mean I like any constructive criticism, but this was just unnecessary in my opinion. Hope you’ve got nothing to bitch about now.

Counterstrike Voice: Terrorists Win

While George Bush and his lackey are constantly touting their defeat of terrorism all over the world, all we have to do is look at home to see how little meaning his words carry. Take for example an event that will definitely be well-watched: SuperBowl XL. Now the SuperBowl is lone of the things that makes America… well, America. It’s one of those prestigious events, revered by many and definitely portrays the true spirit of the country. Now what happens when something like the SuperBowl gets caught up in all of this terrorism stuff? They’re expecting over 65,000 fans at the stadium in Detroit this year. But what’s truly remarkable is the fact that over 10,000 security personnel will also be on the scene. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s one in every seven people or so. 1/7. 14.3%. So while world leaders rant and rave that terrorists must not be allowed to win and how terrorism is being defeated, it’s hardly the case when something as symbolic as the SuperBowl is feeling the effects of terrorism.

It hasn’t helped the situation that someone like George Bush is in power at the White House, leading a nation by fear. At every opportunity, he stresses the dangerous world we live in, how you are safe nowhere until each and every terrorist is ‘brought to justice’. The thing is however, fear is a mind-controlling emotion. To shed that fear, people will do almost anything, support almost everything.

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Who Writes These Guys’ Lines?

The War on Terror has dragged on for more than four years now, but the beginning of the Year 2006 has already brought the fight to an unprecedented level. The United States of America has fired on Pakistan, a so-called “ally” in the war.

Egyptians Killed In Strike – CNN

Understandably, this has caused outrage in the country and a call for the country’s president to step down has been issued by the populace. I mean for as far back as I can remember, attacking a foreign country was essentially a declaration of war. But will Pakistan fight? Of course not. They’ve got a pro-American president (well, the bribes have made him pro-American) and the US is still the only super power. Who would dare touch them? Plus you’ve got all those American politicians babbling about how much the regret the killing of innocent Pakistanis yet have the nerve in the same breath to say that it was justified.

Lawmakers Defend Pakistani Strike

This is really how it goes now isn’t it? The Americans do whatever the hell they want and then as long as they make up a half-assed apology, relating it with the war on terror, they’re off the hook in the world’s eyes. What’s next? Are they going to ban Canada’s beef again sometime and relate that to the war on terror? ‘Uh… in the interests of National Security® we must ban this beef that we believe may contain the chemicals needed to produce weapons of mass destruction.’

Let’s dissect a few of of these lawmakers’ comments. I shall be as sarcastic and cynical as written words will allow so bear with me here.

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