Feeling of Apprehension

Every once in a while, I get this feeling seemingly cast over me. It’s sort of a worry, tension, or anticipation all rolled into one. And more often than not, I don’t actually know the cause of it. As a result, I’m not sure how to solve the issue. This time, I’ve been taking an active look into what could possibly be the cause of this aura. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few possible causes…

  • Work, while it hasn’t been overly trying, is still taking its toll on me. It doesn’t feel like much during the day, but I think over time, it’s been building up.
  • I constantly feel guilty looking at my inbox to see so many unanswered emails. It feels like friends are slipping away and I’m doing little to nothing to prevent that from happening.
  • Sleep has been a problem for me. I’ve tried going to be earlier to get more than my average 5-6 hours of shut-eye each night. It seems like my body doesn’t like the idea so much and I end up rolling around until past midnight every night anyways.
  • The term’s coming into its final stages, with little more than a month left. I’ve got this big idea for my work term report but unfortunately, it seems like the topic doesn’t lend well to BS. It’s going to be a long hard project and I’ve been reluctant to really get a start on it. So I worry about it, but I don’t want to start. What a predicament.
  • Oh, and of course, how could I not mention PDEng. More assignments. Hooray! 😐

I can do some stuff to lift some of the pressure. I fully intend to answer many, many emails sitting there waiting for me tonight. I’m also hoping to be in bed by 10PM tonight. Hopefully 8 hours of sleep will be good for the mind. PDEng I will probably get to tomorrow since it’s not due until Friday. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t procrastinate, but I look on every assignment with such weariness, I’m surprised I’m even going to do them two days before they’re due. As for the work term report, well… I guess I should really get to some reading on the topic. Hopefully, I won’t sound too clueless in the report.

I’m planning to hit up the local Chapters here in Waterloo. I want to pick up a book called Theatre of the Mind by Jay Ingram, the co-host of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. I re-listened to the podcast on Quirks and Quarks of his interview and I’ve been itching to read it. It’s about consciousness and the mind. Sounds mighty interesting.


It’s a glorious day and the family and I are currently on the road. That means this post is being made from a BlackBerry.:) We’re just doing some banking stuff (boring) but we’re going down to the Falls again after this. It’s like 10 degrees outside, sunny, with a nice southerly breeze. What more could a person ask for at this time of year?

I also possibly had my first truly abnormal experience earlier today. Everytime I come home from the university, I like to play a bit of piano. Typically at this point I wouldn’t have played the piano for at least a week, so understandably, my “chops” aren’t top notch. Well today when I went to play a bit, I was shocked to find that not only was I fully capable of playing everything I had been working on, I played everything exceptionally well. This was without any warmup whatsoever; I just say down and started playing the Black Key Etude. I honestly don’t think in all of my years of piano that I ever played that pice so well. Feeling that something was different today, I cracked open another etude and blew through that. I then continued on to a Fantasie Impromtu, also by Chopin. That also went faster and more precisely than I can remember. I truly felt something while I was at the piano this morning. Oh that’s not to mention I had a dream about someone who sent me an unexpected email while I was asleep. Weird.

Running Out Of Titles

Today was almost an interesting day. It started off with me saving two people, well, they both left stuff on the bus, which I retrieved and returned to their rightful owner. One was just a pair of gloves, the other was a much more important purse. 😛 At least they were appreciative.

It rained a lot today. I’m talking nonstop from when I left for the bus stop in the morning and hadn’t stopped when I came back home. At least it’s warm enough to rain I guess. It’s going to be much the same for the next two days: warm and rainy. I’m not a big fan of rain to be honest. It makes me feel depressed. I’d much rather it be a bit colder but sunny. Soon, soon.

Oh, that post I made yesterday about tuition costs increasing this fall? That’s not even the end of the story. So not only will tuition rise on average 5% next year, they’re predicting about 4% rises for each of the three years after that. That comes out to a 18% or thereabouts compounded tuition increase by year 4. That’s just awful. There were protests and stuff. Ontario students already pay about 44% of the post-secondary education costs, compared to around 30% for students in other provinces.

I did a bit of shopping today after work and saw some soldiers in full getup as well as some Amish people. That was my first contact with Amish people in real life. They’re over-hyped. Nothing fancy. I thought they shunned all modern world amenities? Apparently not, since they were eating like Harvey’s in a shopping mall…

Oh, if you didn’t know, I’ve made another new theme, WaterlooWP and as the name would suggest, it’s based off the University of Waterloo theme. I actually took their common look idea and extended it to a WordPress template. That was pretty fun and only took one night’s work. My next project’s going to be much more ambitious, hopefully not too ambitious…


Where’d The Time Go?

I’m sitting on the bus again, probably for the last time in a while since I don’t really have much reason to keep going home all the time anymore since moving. I sniped the seat with the most leg room so that I can write this in comfort.

I’ve really done a lot of nothing recently to tell you the truth. Ok, so the biggest thing this past week was probably me moving to the new residence, but even that isn’t all that interesting. And looking forward, there’s isn’t much that’s really exciting. I’m reading all these blogs of friends who are in far off lands and experiencing new things just about every day. Oh how my life pales in comparison. There’s just nothing here. I’ve always thought that boredom is probably one of the worst things in life. And it’s weird because I still don’t seem to get to bed any earlier. It’s like there’s this thing snatching time from my day, but I can never figure out what that thing is. Sure I’ve got some stupid PDEng to do or something, but recently, it’s felt like I can’t get to bed before midnight. Yet, when I think back on the evening, I can’t come up with where I’ve spent my time. All wasted I bet.

So in the organizational spirit, let’s see what I’ve got on the plate for this weekend:

  • Finish PDEng. I got an extension for one of the assignments with the excuse that I was moving this week. To be honest, I probably could have finished it in time if I actually had of planned my time a little better.
  • Write, write, write. This place has been pretty dead (well, the tech blog especially). I’ve got some ideas down, I just haven’t had time to actually fill them out with some solid content yet. I’ll get a few articles written this weekend hopefully.
  • Evaluate Drupal. I still haven’t had a chance to give Drupal a proper testing. I’m liking the Joomla thing less and less each time I visit it, so it’s definitely got to go.
  • Launch Amalgam. I’ve been working on and off on the new theme and I think it’s pretty much ready for its initial release. I just have to do a little more testing and I think it’ll be ready for public use.
  • Play UT2003? I need to unrustify.

I hope by getting these few tasks down on e-paper will help me organize myself a little better. I’ve been feeling so sluggish this past week. Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of sleep. I’ll definitely have to catch up on that this weekend.

In other news, a new building’s going up at UWaterloo. Actually, all they’ve done is dig up the ground in the field behind the SLC so far. I have absolutely no clue what’s going there, although rumors are indicating possibly: a CounterStrike building for the CS geeks, a beauty parlor so the guys and girls are a little more distinguishable, a giant calculator, or another pub to cut down the regular lines at the Bomber.

I’ll update you as soon as I find out which. 😉

So Quiet It’s Creepy

Well, we’re deep in the middle of reading week and I think I’m the only person left in the basement here. On the plus side, it’s awfully quiet for once. I can finally get to sleep at a decent hour! 🙂 On the other hand, it’s kind of weird to be honest…

I consciously noticed today how much influence the sun has on my mood. A great big one. I’m definitely way more upbeat when the sun’s out and just the feel of it on my face is really nice. It’s been such a dull, drab winter here, I think I’m forgetting what the sunshine is like.

I finally got a Ta-da List over at 37Signals. I’m currently just using it for ideas I have for the blog and stuff. It’s nice to be able to jot down something that comes to mind before it slips away. Today, I thought of something to write about on the bus ride up to work and by the time I got to the office, I had already forgotten. Yeah, sometimes my attention span is just that short. Then again, I spent like a solid three hours trying to get the Livesearch working over in the workshop blog. Well, I failed miserably and I’m totally dead after that, so I’m off to bed. I haven’t gotten to bed this early in quite a long while.

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