New House

In a previous posting I had said that we bought a new house in Niagara Falls, well here’s a little update. I’ve got some pictures of it and so far it looks pretty good. Here’s a photo of the house in general:

There’s some weird design things with it like the inclusion of a sort of balcony that is adjoined to my room and overlooks the entrance hallway. I may put a chair and small table up there so I can do some late night reading and surf the internet on my future laptop or something. It’s weird but could potentially be pretty cool:

However one of the things I like most about this house is that balcony that overlooks the great room. That room gets a double high ceiling that will make it feel roomier.

As you can see the house isn’t yet completely built so there could be some changes. Overall it seems pretty nice and I look forward to seeing it in person. Hopefully the neighborhood’s okay as well.


Finally a Break From It All

It’s about time I had a break from this hectic life of mine. Yes yes, I know, I’m making it sound busier than it actually is, but really, I have been relatively busy as of late. And I’m finally over a mound of work. I’ve gotten my transcription done (which has been weighing on me recently) and I don’t really have a test this week (except Adv. Chem, but that’ll be okay; the chapter’s pretty short) so I’m just relaxing for a bit. And wow, does it feel good.

So let me give you the rundown of my day. I was up til about 1:30AM doing my transcription and go about 4:30 hours of sleep before having to get up for band rehearsal this morning. So I started off the day pretty tired. Deduct 1 point. First thing after band rehearsal I do this rediculous chemistry test from the University of Waterloo. I can’t believe I even did it. It was such a humbling experience. At first, it started off almost pretty easily. Then as number 15 came and went, it started getting more difficult. By number 25 or so, I was pretty much wondering what the answers were saying and by 35, I didn’t even know what they were asking. Of course this was out of 40 and all multiple choice. Unfortunately, getting an answer wrong deducts .25 marks so guessing’s not exactly the best idea. So that was pretty much the hardest test I’ve done in a long while which wasn’t the greatest start for my day. Subtract another point.

So, total so far, -1-1=-2=pretty crappy day. Good start.

Then after that I attend a pretty stressfree calculus class. We didn’t really learn too much in terms of new material. We basically had a few things clarified and worked on some problems. Okay so I’m still tired but at least I haven’t added any more tiredness factors.

So it’s lunch. I eat and then go to calculus help because we still haven’t fully caught up from the week of missed school. I stay there for about 15 minutes and head off to the band room where I proceed to practice my transcription in preparation for jazz class. I play the solo over about 20 times, getting it most of the time. So my brain’s getting fried so I take a break before class. Deduct one more point.

Class starts and I sit there crapping myself while I wait my turn to do my transcription. The adrenaline’s pumping (yes, before I go play my sweet, precious keyboard). It’s finally my turn and I crap on the start, but I get another try. I play through, not as well as I would have liked but the nervousness prevented me from doing much more. I was slightly disappointed in my performance but it’ll just have to do. So add some disappointment to my day: minus one more point.

So basically I’m at about a -4 which is like I’m about to pass out cause I’m tired kind of day. But it’s not over. The greatest class in the world is up next: Physics! (in case you can’t tell, I’m being overly sarcastic) I have a tendency to fall asleep in the class on a normal day, so you can just imagine the trouble I had keepin my eyes open today. So I eventually gave up and just slept for a while. Gosh did that ever feel nice. So my day was crap so far. But that was about to change.

Upon completion of the official school day, I was notified of a gathering down at Victoria Park. Being the free man that I was, I went down there. I must’ve looked like a drunk staggering around under some nonexistant energy I had kept stored up. So after spending an hour or two there we decided to head out for some ice cream at the local dairy place. After sending them home I decide on the drive home that I should go check out the rugby games our school teams were playing in. I caught the tail end of the girl’s game only to find out we lost both. Oh well.

So here I am sitting at home after an extremely tiring day, functioning (barely) on 4:30 hours of sleep the previous night. I still haven’t done my homework although I do plan on it as I haven’t really been doing much of my work recently. Too busy I’d like to think although I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. But I don’t have anymore projects due anytime soon so I’m not too stressed. I’ll hopefully get to bed earlier tonight. Band in the morning again. Ugh.


Procrastination Is Fun

One of my greatest failings: My tendency to procrastinate. It seems like in recent times it has gotten worse. I don’t specifically remember having all that much trouble even as recently as grade 11. It really has been late grade 11 perhaps and mostly grade 12 that it’s really become trouble.

Oh the examples I could give you from the past, such as applying to unversity, studying for exams, scholarships and so forth, but perhaps to really anchor it down, I’ve left something to the last minute and it’s taken me all night to get a start on it. My jazz transcription.

You see one of the projects in our Jazz Studies class is to do a transcription of a solo. Essentially, you listen to a jazz tune and then rip the solo from it. Then you bring in the song (and your memory) to class and play the solo back along with the song. The goal is to basically cover up the solo being played on the CD and make it sound like you’re soloing. This project is designed to help you develop your ears and perhaps learn a few licks in the process. Well it was a project assigned many weeks ago and I just started on it tonight. Yes, it’s that bad.

So since about 8PM tonight, I’ve been hard at work, labouring, trying my hardest to get all the notes down at least so that I can have tomorrow to practice and memorize it. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes ago that I finally got it all down. My eyes are dying and I think my brain’s about to explode. But hey, these are the joys that are associated with procrastination. What a wonderful thing it is…

Why do I do it? Well I almost have an excuse this time. I’ve been really busy with musical. However, I can’t say that I haven’t had any free time. Far from it, but it’s so much more appealing to be out in the sun and having some fun with cast and crew. Work isn’t everything I guess. Unfortunately, most of the time, the reason for my procrastination can be traced back to solely laziness. Ugh.

They say the first step in solving a problem is acknowledging it. Well, I’ve done that now, so hopefully I can get myself better organized and maybe fulfill my obligations before the last possible moment. I’m sure I’d feel a lot less stressed if I did that too. Eh, who knows, but for now all I care about it getting some sleep. Sleeping in class after missing a week of school probably isn’t the best thing to be doing. Toodles.


Isn’t it Funny. . .

… that we always seem to grow apart as time goes by? The thing that has brought this topic to my attention is the musical. During the rehearsals leading up to musical and during the musical itself, the group became extremely tight. You could talk to anyone in the cast and it wouldn’t feel weird. It was a sort of mutual understanding that musical was musical and everyone belonged. But now that musical is over, things will eventually go back to the way things were before.

That’s just how things work I guess.

The people in the musical came from all different groups (as segregated as that may sound, it’s very true). During the musical some barriers were broken and some became good friends, but for the most part, the participants will return to their respective groups. You may say hi to them a couple times in the hall and go on your way. Soon, the relations degrade and you don’t have the musical there to connect you all together again. I find this extremely frustrating and disappointing. Despite the main reason behind musicals (putting on a performance) I found myself joining it due to the social aspect. It is always spoken of as a great experience for everyone in it. And it truly is during the time. However, it’s also very bittersweet. It’s understood that the group doesn’t stick together for long afterwards.

Sure there’ll be musical parties where we’ll all join together and reminisce about the good times we’ve had, but they’re just that: times for remembering. After the parties have ended, the previously unknown to you will once more become unknown. Musicals are truly great experiences. It’s unfortunate that they become only memories so soon afterwards.



So I went out and bought a pair of sunglasses. I had always heard of people spending hundreds of dollars on sunglasses, but had never really thought much of it myself. Well when it came time to pay almost $200 for this pair (those damn taxes will get you every time), I damn near felt like chucking my cookies. I mean come on, a bit of plastic with two lenses in the middle I bet would cost them all of what, maybe $30 to make… (Oh, I dunno, I could be horribly wrong too) The rest is spent on buying the Oakley name. Oh well, that’s how the world works I guess.

Oh, and here’s a picutre of them. May as well show them off now that I’ve got them. Oakley Minutes (black). Look at how this Oakley marketing picture makes them look about as best they possible could.

From this excercise, I think I’ve realized just how greedy I am. I spend way too much money on semi-uselss things. From now on, I’m definitely going to cut back. I don’t think I’ve really thought this way, ever. But I’m starting to understand that university is going to cost me both my arms and most of my legs. I’ll need every bit of money I can save. I mean I’ve spent about $1K on mp3 players alone. That makes me shudder just thinking about it. $1000 bones could buy most of my unversity books for a year. Gah… :-/ It’s not like I’m rich. I could definitely use my money more wisely like on my studies or something.

Speaking of my studies, I’ve got some thoughts on the school system. I wrote an article about it in our school newspaper, but indirectly that paper is very much censored. It has to go through a teacher advisor first and you can’t write exactly how you feel as the general public reads it. If you don’t want to offend people or get on someone’s bad side, then there are many things you just can’t write in a school newspaper. And there’s really no need to anger people about that topic. It’s pointless and I think I’d much rather people not beat on me at school. I’ll write something up here in the near future but I’ve got the final musical performance tonight that I need to prepare for. I need to get some food into me before I go.

The show seems to be a great success so far. Opening night was awesome. From what I’ve heard, we should actually make money this year as opposed to losing money which is what usually happens with these productions.