What Should Have Been and Horoscopes

Well, I’m officially exasperated. I just finished typing up all of my Windows Vista piece in the Joomla admin and when I went to save, my session had already timed out. I had neglected to change my time out to past 20 minutes. So yeah… All my work is gone. It should’ve been up by now but alas, it is not to be. I’ll write it up later (again) when I don’t feel so sad.

Oh, I just remembered this, on Friday at work, I had a debate with a fellow co-op student about the validity of horoscopes. I said they were generally pretty vague so you could twist almost anything to fit the mold. She disagreed and said on many occasions, they were actually true. The ironic part of it all was the fact that we had a newspaper there and looked up her horoscope for the day. Guess what it said? It said something along the lines of “You will have an argument with someone at work today. You need it as much as you need another hole in your hat.”

That was shocking to say the least. Is someone watching me up there?

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The Notebook (not really)

I’ve been making it a sort of habit to write in a notebook during the bus rides to and from home (UWaterloo – Niagara Falls I mean). Here’s what I got down for this evening.

I grabbed a notebook to write in for the bus trip home and I didn’t realize it wasn’t empty. The first two pages were filled with a lits of school supplies for what must be like grade 7. The printing is impeccable, very carefully made letters, especially compared to what this is looking like right now, half because of the slightly bumpy nature of all road vehicles. It’s funny to look back on how dutiful I was for school even back then. I’m almost positive I got each and every item listed there, everything from feuilles mobiles to pencil crayons to one small stapler and staples. Those were the simple days when we compared how many crayons were in OUR box.

The bus. Well, I took the slightly later, non-express bus. It takes about 45 minutes longer than the express one. But keep in mind, that’s 45 minutes on top of what should in reality be only an hour and a half’s worth drive. It’s because this bus winds its way through Cambridge, Dundas and whatever other places are between Kitchener and St. Catherines. So while I left that Kitchener terminal at around 6:30pm, I’m not going to get home until after 9:00pm. All this in the name of work. I didn’t want to leave work early again, like last week.

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Thereโ€™s Always A Way Around It

Nah, I don’t mean there’s a way around doing the work that is necessary. I mean just look at me right now. I’ve spend the good portion of this evening at the library slaving away. What could I possibly have to do after work you say? Well, I have a weekly work update due tomorrow morning and there’s this course, PDEng, we actually have to take on ethics, morals, and professionalism during our work terms. Basically I get to write a lot of… *cough*bs*cough* and get a passing grade that essentially says I’m competent. But apparently not, since I managed to fail a few of the assignments that we had to do before the end of last semester. According to the evaluators, my supporting examples are too ‘vague’ or somesuch. Well, hello, of course they’re vague. The questions are unclear as hell. “State a personal strength and why.” Isn’t that like the most vague question you can ask short of “Tell me about yourself”…? But to please the university gods (program heads) I’ll resubmit them and put down some small itty bitty example that I’ll be very specific with and have absolutely no reflection of my actual person. Of course, I’m here to please.

How am I writing all this with my nastily constrained connection? (Let me tell you, using dial-up after that constraint would be like blazing speeds relatively. I’ve taken a measurement of the actual speeds I get in the slow queue. It’s in the range of 500 bytes per second.) Well, as the title would imply, there’s always a way around the chains society (university ResNet in this case) puts around you. I’m in the library siphoning the wireless of course. Yes, the joys of wireless. And to smite them all, I’m listening to the music that forced me to play this hand. Yes, I’ve saved the files that Pandora cached on my hard drive and stuffed them on the iPod. So as I write this, I’m happily listening to, hmm… Kieth Jarrett’s rendition of “In Front”, introduced to me after I searched up Bill Evans I believe it was. Actually, this stuff reminds me more of Vince Guaraldi than anyone else… When I get my connection back (like this Friday, maybe, when I got home that is:)) I’ll be sure to look up old buddy Vince. I’ll just jot that down on my Rainlendar todo list. By the way, if you don’t know what Rainlendar is, I suggest you look it up on Google or something. As the name may imply, it’s a calendar or sorts that allows you to set events (alarms) and todo lists in a neat little package that sites as a widget-like tool on your desktop. And if you’re as obsessed with computers as I am, you’ll be staring at your computer desktop a lot more than some little day planner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In totally separate news, I’ve become slightly addicted to French Vanilla cappuccino. As any employee of a tech company should, I have at my disposal free pop, coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino at work. All that caffeine is good for a kick start of the brain at the beginning of the day and then the continual rush is required for proper functioning throughout the rest of the work day. Of course, by the time you get back home, you’re just so tired you could pass out instantly in all your clothes in the most awkward position on the ground. Not that I’ve done that, I swear… Only for a little bit. Really. ๐Ÿ˜ I’ve got a finished large cup of Timmy’s French Vanilla here beside me keeping me company while I slug through these assignments and this post. Ahem.

But oh! It’s 10:00pm and I really should get going back to res. I usually try to get to bed slightly earlier these days as getting up at 6:30/7:00am isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world. One thing I’ve noticed about getting up early, before everyone else, is that the showers take forever to get warm. Since I’m usually the first in the whole building to take a shower, I’ve got to like start the furnace up or something in the mornings. I’m glad I’m making that second person’s shower more enjoyable… (not)

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I can feel it already. I’m going to be a workaholic when I grow up. Let’s see now, I got to work today at 8AM and left around 6PM. That’s just the first day too! And to be honest, it felt pretty good solving problems in the program. Sure I’m not doing the fancy programming and stuff yet, but it takes a lot of problem solving to isolate and solve bugs in a program. Anyways, I can also now say that I’ve signed my first non-disclosure agreement, so no I can’t tell you about the top secret stuff I’m working on. =D

So I mananged to totally screw myself over this morning. It was like getting only 3 hours of sleep last night wasn’t enough (the people here are very, very loud) I mananged to miss my stop by about 20 minutes by foot. So yes, I had to backtrack like 20 minutes after realizing I’d gone a little too far on the bus. Then I still got there around 8AM only to find one other co-op student there. About half and hour later, the first actual employee came to open up the door. Whoopdeedoo. What an awesome start. I guess I have only myself to blame. I didn’t actually know when to go into work, so I decided I’d play it safe and go early. I mean think about it, imagine if I missed the bus or caught a later bus and had to walk back for 20 minutes…

I’m extremely tired right now; I can feel my eyelids drooping even as I type this. So, to end off this hectic day, I’m going to play some Rome Total War, read Dune and go to bed. Ah yes, the joys of the working world. I’m gonna be out like a light.