Where’d The Time Go?

I’m sitting on the bus again, probably for the last time in a while since I don’t really have much reason to keep going home all the time anymore since moving. I sniped the seat with the most leg room so that I can write this in comfort.

I’ve really done a lot of nothing recently to tell you the truth. Ok, so the biggest thing this past week was probably me moving to the new residence, but even that isn’t all that interesting. And looking forward, there’s isn’t much that’s really exciting. I’m reading all these blogs of friends who are in far off lands and experiencing new things just about every day. Oh how my life pales in comparison. There’s just nothing here. I’ve always thought that boredom is probably one of the worst things in life. And it’s weird because I still don’t seem to get to bed any earlier. It’s like there’s this thing snatching time from my day, but I can never figure out what that thing is. Sure I’ve got some stupid PDEng to do or something, but recently, it’s felt like I can’t get to bed before midnight. Yet, when I think back on the evening, I can’t come up with where I’ve spent my time. All wasted I bet.

So in the organizational spirit, let’s see what I’ve got on the plate for this weekend:

  • Finish PDEng. I got an extension for one of the assignments with the excuse that I was moving this week. To be honest, I probably could have finished it in time if I actually had of planned my time a little better.
  • Write, write, write. This place has been pretty dead (well, the tech blog especially). I’ve got some ideas down, I just haven’t had time to actually fill them out with some solid content yet. I’ll get a few articles written this weekend hopefully.
  • Evaluate Drupal. I still haven’t had a chance to give Drupal a proper testing. I’m liking the Joomla thing less and less each time I visit it, so it’s definitely got to go.
  • Launch Amalgam. I’ve been working on and off on the new theme and I think it’s pretty much ready for its initial release. I just have to do a little more testing and I think it’ll be ready for public use.
  • Play UT2003? I need to unrustify.

I hope by getting these few tasks down on e-paper will help me organize myself a little better. I’ve been feeling so sluggish this past week. Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of sleep. I’ll definitely have to catch up on that this weekend.

In other news, a new building’s going up at UWaterloo. Actually, all they’ve done is dig up the ground in the field behind the SLC so far. I have absolutely no clue what’s going there, although rumors are indicating possibly: a CounterStrike building for the CS geeks, a beauty parlor so the guys and girls are a little more distinguishable, a giant calculator, or another pub to cut down the regular lines at the Bomber.

I’ll update you as soon as I find out which. 😉

Not All Bus Seats Are Created Equal

Well, this is turning out to be quite an eventful trip back to Waterloo. I knew something wasn’t right the instant the bus pulled into the terminal with like a 25 degree list to the left. After getting on the bus, we were told the (fairly) obvious: we weren’t going anywhere on that bus. So actually, I’m writing this not on the bus, but in the St. Catherines terminal. It’s also here where I noticed something pretty humorous.

As soon as we were told of the bus issue and that it’d be a while until a replacement bus could get here, there was a seemingly collective retrieval of cell phones from pockets to tell loved ones what was going on. It was so automatic.

Oh, just got up to go to the ‘new’ bus only to find out it wasn’t actually our bus and they made a mistake. On the plus side, a bunch of females came off the bus, so it wasn’t completely wasted time. It looked like a gymnastics team or something… Yeah…

Hmmm… where was I? Oh right, cell phones. So everyone hauled out their cell phone. Even I did. It’s actually kind of cool. We’re becoming more and more connected, no matter where we are these days.

I want our bus to get here already. I’ll write more once I’m on a bus. I’m not a big fan of writing in a notepad since I’ll have to type it up on the laptop later anyways.

Sweet, I’m finally leaving the St. Catherines terminal, at 9:10PM, a solid hour and 15 minutes late. That means I’ll roll into the UWaterloo campus around midnight. Superb. That’s exactly what I need to start off my week. The funniest part is some guy from the Niagara Region transit pushed a button in the bus’ back panel and realigned the hydraulics. In any case, we’re on a new bus right now; I’m not sure how safe I’d feel on that other bus even if were fixed. I’d definitely rather it went into the shop and got checked over. Hey, I talked to a guy to rode in on that tilted bus from Niagara Falls to St. Catherines so I didn’t even have it bad. That must’ve been freaky.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. In each of these buses, there are usually two seats with way more leg room than the rest. I’m not sure why it is, but it’s always around the same spot which leads me to believe it’s for some bus function. Anyways, I always try to get that seat since it gives me more room to spread out and type on my laptop. A 15.4” laptop isn’t exactly too comfortable to try and fit onto my lap between these seats. I didn’t get it today so I’m somewhat cramped right now.

So a pretty eventful night. I don’t think I’ve ever been delayed this long by anything short of a plane. I took some pictures of the bus so you’ll see what it looked like, but I’m too tired/lazy to post it up right now, so I’ll do that tomorrow when I get a chance.


Fighter Pilot

My bus driver thinks he’s a fighter pilot. “We’re direct into Hamilton; ETA 9:00.”

Well, the weekend was filled with its ups and downs. One of the downs was the fact that the Canadian men’s hockey team lost two games in a row. Now that’s not right. Watching those two games was generally not enjoyable. Another thing is the fact that I will not be creating a WordPress theme from scratch. In of itself, this is no big deal, but secretly, I’ve wanted to do something on my own so that I can write ‘By Charlie’, and not just ‘Based on’ someone else’s work. Who knows, right now it’s looking like it’ll just be another modification, but maybe I’ll get a shot of ambition and do it all on my own. We’ll see…

On the other hand, I got to speak with Nick over the weekend, making him exhaust of a good portion of his 15 Euro calling card. Anyways, that was just like old times with the random pauses of nothingness. We’d be each doing whatever on our end and just the fact that the other guy was still breathing into the phone was somehow comforting. I hadn’t spoken to someone on the phone for that long in quite a while.

Since it’s reading week at UWaterloo, I’m hoping that some of the guys at the res have gone back home. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in peace and quiet.

Oh, I love it when we drive up into the hill above Hamilton. The view is quite spectacular at night.