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Moto 360 – Crippling Battery Life

I was looking forward to the Moto 360, very much, and thought it could replace my analog wristwatch, which recently broke. But, the reviews are in, and battery life looks like a deal breaker, at well under a day.

Even this big, honking model had to be charged twice a day. Most days, after charging it overnight, I had to put it back on its wireless charging cradle by 4 p.m.

How is that, in any way, acceptable for a watch?

Tesla Motors: Customer Irrationality

When something irrational happens, most try to find a logical reason to explain matters. Sometimes, the reasonable course of action is to simply attribute nonsensical behavior to nonsensical-ness, as Stifel does today on TSLA.

…the reality is, these issues simply do not matter with respect to Tesla’s stock. Tesla sentiment is like a freight train… Tesla has captivated a global audience, some of whom have lost interest in distinguishing horsepower ratings among the dozens of $100k-plus luxury vehicles, others that would have never considered spending six-figures on anything but a house.

Customer sentiment != investor sentiment. When your world is the one of investment, momentum’s physics don’t quite work the way we expect.


Tablet-PC Sales Trends

In 2013, multiple analytics firms forecasted surging tablet sales to outpace declining PC sales in 2014. But on the back of strong PC earnings, recently, from the likes of HP, Intel and Microsoft and slowing premium tablet sales, things are changing.

The 2Q14 results suggest that the consumer installed base restructuring peaked during 2013. We are seeing a slowdown in premium tablet sales, which have already penetrated a large number of households. PCs are now growing off a smaller installed base of newer devices, with more engaged users. Therefore, we expect to see slow, but consistent, PC growth

Gartner, July 9, 2014