Browser-Based Office – Just What I’m Looking For

I’ve used Google Documents and I’ve used Adobe Buzzword. I’ve even tried Microsoft’s Office Live Workspace. But in the end, I was looking for something more like Office 2007 but with a more streamlined collaboration/cloud storage option and it sounds like Microsoft’s browser-based Office will be just the thing I’ve been searching for.

Reports are rampant that Microsoft will showcase its online Office suite during this week’s PDC. The applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will all use the new ribbon interface, which I’ve grown to love, and essentially work like the desktop version, albeit significantly dumbed down.

I’ll be looking forward to some more details on how the package is going to work, licensing details, supported browsers, the storage method, etc. For sure, this PDC will be an exciting one with lots of Windows 7 presentations already having taken place.


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  1. I’ve read that during the demo, they showed it in IE and Firefox. So the fact they are making it Firefox compatible is great. The next question is will they also make it Webkit (Safari) compatable? I would think so, but time will tell. And I’m ready for something better than google docs, because it has it’s flaws.

  2. It will probably be Mac compatible. If you look at the new Live Mesh CTP, it is mac and windows compatible. Looks like Microsoft is moving towards more open technologies that are compatible with different browsers as well as operating systems.

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