Back From the Movies

Just got back from the theatres where a couple friends and I watched Star Wars Episode III. Overall a pretty decent movie. For about 90% of the time the acting was plain terrible; the special effects and action made up for most of it. In any case, I just wanted to see it because it rounds out the series for me. I have episodes 4, 5, and 6 at home which I’ve watched a couple times and episode 3 does explain some of things that I’ve been wondering about. So in the regard, it has satisfied me. I’ll probably have to watch the three that I have again soon as I’ve forgotten much of them.

Actually I was debating whether I should even bother writing something here right now. I’d much rather sleep and could probably use it but I felt like I needed to update what has been going on. This long weekend I do plan to get several things done in here. I want to get my future digital home post written up. It’s basically going to be about what position I would like to see computers take in the home in the (near) future. It may be a fairly extensive writeup so I may need to split it into two parts. Also I want to get some photos taken and a rough outline done for my Zen Micro review. In addition, I’ll post up anything I happen to think of as the weekend progresses. It promises to be a fairly good one, although the weather’s been crappy and will continue to be, if the weatherman is to be trusted.

In any case, I really do need some sleep; so until a bit later today, toodles.



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