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Two things happened today that really hit home for me.

Well, so a hot topic for me today was the fact that the judge in the NTP vs. Research in Motion case decided to not make a decision for now. This could be a big plus for Research in Motion since the patent re-evaluation results are just coming down the pipe. In any case, I was talking to the rest of the people I usually eat lunch with about the subject. We were reading the newspapers and one person asked me what a hedge fund was. I explained it to him and apparently I was showing a lot of enthusiasm. Basically, we talked a lot of business.

Okay, so from the very beginning I loved business and finance. I spent more than one of my summer breaks researching countless companies and buying fake stocks. It was a really enjoyable pastime for me.

When university came rolling along, I decided that the thing I loved most was computers. But in the back of my mind, I knew I didn’t want to sit around and do research or programming all day. I wanted to be in business. So I told myself I’d take every opportunity to get into a business related field or perhaps even take a MBA or something. One person asked me at lunch today: “Why didn’t/don’t you go into business?” Since I showed so much interest in it, she couldn’t understand why I hadn’t decided to do that instead.

And to be honest here, I thought about it more afterwards and I can’t really come up with a straightforward answer. Sure I love computers and technology in general, but I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t somehow involved in the business side of it. I guess subconsciously I had my sights set on a doctorate in something technology related. But perhaps I’m not cut out for that. Maybe an MBA would suit me better. I’m definitely going to have to think about it more over the next couple years. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind in a very long time and only the prompting today at lunch brought it back to the forefront again.

Then in the afternoon, I faced one of the most ironic moments of my life so far. One person in our department (not a co-op student actually) was apparently working on her resume or something. I know, writing a resume to apply for jobs while working and getting paid by the current company. That’s not really even the ironic part: she asked me what ‘integrity’ meant and to make up a sentence responding to a question regarding her work morals and ethics. It was all I could do to stop from laughing at her. Asking me about integrity and morals when everything she was doing was 100% the opposite of the meaning of those two words. If there’s somebody up there watching me, he/she must have been laughing hysterically. Needless to say, I did not make up a sentence describing her work ethics and sidestepped that portion of the question. I explained to her what integrity meant, but she didn’t seem to catch the hint and continued working on her resume after I left.

How can you beat that sort of irony? Seriously?

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