Apple Yorkdale Part II

Well, my second venture to the Apple store in the Yorkdale Mall was for a completely different reason than the first. My iPod, as you may know by now, was dieing. I would randomly get an unreadable database error in iTunes that forced me to restore the iPod each time to make it usable again. I had decided I’d take it with me the next time I went to Toronto. I reckoned the easiest way to get the problem fixed up was to get an Apple person at the store to check up on it for me. That’s exactly what I did today.

Once again, unlike most places, the service procedure was extremely slick. I went into the store, spoke to a guy about my problem and he turned to a laptop, brought up a program, and got me to enter some personal info (name, email). Then he found the next available time slot and made an appointment for me. This took all of 2 minutes of my time. So instead of me standing there stupidly, waiting for someone to be available, the program told me the next available time slot. 1:40pm it said. So an hour. We (parents and I) decided to browse some of the other stores in the mall while waiting. This is the point where I picked up a dress shirt, a polo, and two pairs of khaki shorts. Ahhh, the feeling of summer is definitely in the air. The weather was awfully nice today.

So 1:30pm rolled around and we headed back to the Apple Store. A couple minutes after getting there, my name was called and I had my first chance to sit down at the “Genius Bar” and speak with, well, a Genius. 😉 Now my iPod problem is a weird one. It’s definitely not reproducible on demand. It just sometimes craps itself. Unfortunately, when the guy tried to reproduce the problem, he was unable to. I further questioned him as to why the symptoms I was getting could occur. He told me that it was probably not even my iPod’s fault but a problem with iTunes’ database file. He suggested that I rebuild my library and see if that helped. Something to do with the iTunes.xml file you know? Although I had heard plenty about the apparent excellent support team at their retail stores, I was still skeptical how good any technician could be, even if they were Apple employees. As much as I don’t want to admit it, this guy actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about. You know the Futureshop syndrome, yeah, the one where they have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. (okay, that’s unfair; just a lot of Futureshop salespeople have this issue) Just the other day, a coworker was talking about how one of the people at Futureshop, trying to sell a computer, was boasting about how much ‘caché’ the CPU had… So, the Genius couldn’t pinpoint my exact problem without looking at my computer, but he set me off on the most probable path. That in itself is pretty impressive. I even got a free album of music loaded on my iPod as the ‘test’. 😀

So I would say that’s another solid Yorkdale Apple Store experience chalked up.

For the rest of the day, I went scrambling around Steeles Avenue looking for the necessary computer parts of resuscitate the broken computer sitting at home. After some searching for the lowest price for the components I wanted, I settled on an Athlon64 X2 3800+ and an ASRock 939Dual-SATA2. I just needed the dual core CPU and the motherboard has both AGP and PCI-e slots which is pretty nice to allow for upgrades down the road. Plus, it was cheap and the reviews showed overclocking to be pretty good. I’m just itching to try my hand at overclocking this chip. Here are a few pictures for now, but I plan on writing a dedicated post about the rebuilds, as it definitely deserves one all its own.

Athlon64 X2 3800+

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2

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