Apple: Lies, All Lies!

Apple and Steve Jobs’ presentations are known for their reality distortion field effects. But it’s always nice to every once in a while back it up with something that nails that accusation to the cross.

Apple Eats Crow Over IGP Comments – DailyTech

Basically, back when the first Mac Mini was launched, it came with a Radeon 9200 32MB video card standard. While not a very powerful chip at all, it wasn’t integrated video so Apple used the opportunity to show off its ’superiority’ over any integrated chipsets, specifically naming the Intel Integrated Graphics. Welcome to Apple’s recent launch of the new Intel power Mac Mini complete with, you guessed it, Intel Integrated Graphics. Yet, now, they’re touting this…

“Mac mini features a graphics processor integrated into the system, and one that’s no slouch, to boot. The Intel GMA950 graphics supports Tiger Core Graphics and the latest 3D games. It shares fast 667MHz memory4 with the Intel Core processor, for an incredible value proposition.”

If I read all this correctly, it would seem as though Apple’s been doing some heavy fact distortion if not lying outright.

Just a heads up for all you people who worship Apple (Steve Jobs) like a God. )

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  1. Apple is now building PC’s and using PC software such as Windows and talking like they invented it. The only people they fool, are themselves. And this is why Apple is struggling to hold on to 2% of the market share while PC’s hold on to a solid 94% of the Market share.

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