Apple Boot Camp

No, it’s not a camp for training little MacFanatics. Instead, Apple today announced something, in my opinion, far more valuable than any little iPod update could have been. Boot Camp is Apple’s new piece of software that allows users to install Windows XP on an Apple Mac, provided it’s powered by an Intel processor. While I thought the third party hack to enable this ability was the final nail in the coffin for me, this has made me 99% sure that I will be getting an Apple computer as my next purchase. This is the probably the best ‘anniversary’ annoucement Apple could have made. More later.

Apple Boot Camp

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2 Replies to “Apple Boot Camp”

  1. The second I saw it this morning I figured that your next computer purchase would be a Mac. I can’t wait for them to annouce the MacBook so I can get it and try it out. That being said, I hope they transform this dual booting software into virtualization software come Leopard release.

  2. Hmmm virtualization would be awfully nice for Leopard. I mean the processors support it nowadays. We just need some software support. As far as I know, nothing really takes advantage of Intel VT. Oh man, I’m drooling just thinking about running OS X Leopard and WinXP/Vista at the same time.

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