Another Lengthy Hiatus

Yeah, so even as Will ironically mentioned (like you should be talking when your blog is so dead… what are we on, 2 months now?) that my blog has been showing some neglect as of late. Well, here’s a post to ameliorate that situation.

First off, I’d like to admit that I bought a piece of computer hardware recently. This past weekend, we dropped by the local Canada Computers so one of the guys could get a new case. The old one was… a little beat up to say the least. Anyways, he got a quality case, Antec P180B. Looks oh so smooth. Anyways, I noticed that lonely 2GB USB drive hanging there (okay, so it wasn’t really alone… there were many others around) but it was an OCZ Rally, which is one of the fastest USB drives available right now. I decided that my old 256MB one was starting to show its age (mostly because I can’t transfer a full TV episode on it, they’re typically 350MB or so for a high quality version) I snapped up that 2GB drive for $80. Not a bad deal I’d say. And I did a transfer test and got around 22MB/s. In comparison, my 5400RPM laptop hard drive only hits about 31MB/s.

I have now received the marks to all of my midterms and I’m generally pretty pleased with them. I’m averaging something above 88% right now (yeah, I know, sounds pathetic compared to high school doesn’t it?) but that’s already an improvement on last semester. So in a relative sense, I’m doing pretty well. I hope to bring my overall average up to a 90% at the end of the semester, but it’s going to be damn tough. Calculus was easy at midterms (it seems the same as last semester) but it has definitely kicked it up a notch since then. The material got exponentially more difficult after the midterm. (doesn’t bode too well as I got slaughtered on that final last semester) Physics is rolling along fairly smoothly and I seem to be understanding the material fairly well. MSci and discrete are also pretty much there. The only course (other than calc of course) I’m worried about is circuits. I really didn’t do as well as I’d hoped on the first midterm (okay, in my defense, there was one circuit problem that was worth 20% and it was basically either you got it or you didn’t. I didn’t, so lost quite a few marks there…) so I’m really looking for the second midterm to help out a bit.

Another long weekend’s coming up, which I can hardly wait for. I can just taste the amount of sleep I’m going to get. I’m definitely not getting enough rest to function at 100% during the day, but it’s something I have to live with. I mean how long do I have to do this before I’m used to it… I’d think my brain would adjust a little quicker… As well, it’s a good friend’s birthday tomorrow (okay, actually today now) and there’s a party in his honor being held this weekend in Mississauga. My parents and I are going up there to take a look at some places for my co-op term so I’ll just get dropped off. It should be fun. I haven’t been to a gathering in quite a while. I miss those special occasions back on PEI when all the friends would get together somewhere and have some good, clean fun. 😛 It should generally be a good weekend, being Canada Day and all. I can still remember what we did last Canada Day. I was staying at Nick’s place and I practically downed a bottle of Kahlua that night. Oh, what fun.

To top it all off, I’d like to comment on the TV shows I’ve been watching/have watched recently. First, it was the 2nd season finale of House (I know, I’m a month or two behind). That was absolutely fantastic. It was so messed up, but in an awesomely good way. I’d suggest everyone to watch it if you can, but I’m not too sure what you’d get out of it if you haven’t followed the show at all. Just plain awesome entertainment. Secondly, I’ve been watching Entourage over the past couple days. I’m only on episode 6 or something, but I’m really liking it so far. The plot’s a little thin and superficial. I mean how much can there be when it follows the life of four friends in the movie industry… But the girls are absolutely scorching. It’s like hot chick congregation every single episode. It’s just great.

Oh and some guys from the old Unreal Tournament bombing run community are going to bring back UT2003. To say the least, I’m pumped. Is it going to be some solid competition, just like the good old days?


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