Akismet Says – Don’t Be Kind On Spam Comments

It’s nice to see one of the major spam comment filterers, Akismet, chime in on what to do with the spammy comments that make it through those filters. In short, show no mercy.

It seems like, if anything, I’ve been too lenient.


One Reply to “Akismet Says – Don’t Be Kind On Spam Comments”

  1. Akismet sure is really good. I also use wordpress’s comment blocking settings to block out obvious spam phrases from descriptions. Specially I don’t like communicating with “free hosting” or “denver lawyer” in my comments. You should define a comment policy on the blog and don’t be lenient on spammers.

    Some spammers are rather crafty and would flatter you with their comments, when you see properly they post the same flattering message on a lot of blogs :))

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