I now barely meet my mental criteria of a recent University of Waterloo graduate, Bachelor of Applied Science, Honours Computer Engineering. I am currently a Program Manager at Microsoft, Windows.

University of Waterloo Engineering afforded me the great opportunity to test-drive several places and types of employment through its co-op program. The experience put me in contact with phenomenal people and workplaces.

While the work-study semester alternation over five years left me little time off, I have been able to maintain several hobbies along the way, one of them being the design and content for this website. Perhaps slightly atypical for an engineer, I’ve grown very fond of writing. It is both a personal release as well as practice for my creative and communicative skills.

Being based in Puget Sound, it’s fortunate that I have a love of nature, and I try to take advantage of all that is provided to me in the Pacific Northwest. For that, a camera usually comes along for the ride.

This Site

Random Process began its life as nfiniti plus one in May 2005. It was created as a writing experiment and a memory capsule. Even after only five years, I can already see the development I’ve undergone through late high school and my university career. For me, it will be an invaluable treasure for many years to come. Random Process runs on a self-hosted WordPress installation.

The site is a place for me to write about interesting developments in the technology industry, developments in my life, as well as a showcase for some of my photography. I hope you enjoy it.


The thoughts and opinions shared on this site are completely my own; they do not represent any official or unofficial stance of my employer. In no way am I trying to channel the desires or wishes of my employer. No information presented here should be taken as indication of knowledge of some particular action or inaction pending by my employer. In fact, if I’m writing about it, it’s expressly because I know nothing more than an external party about that topic.

Last updated: Jan 2011