A Vow

I vow not to watch House until (at least) after my physics midterm on Wednesday. It has been too distracting and my 1 episode study breaks too often turn into two episode breaks. That means an hour and a half of House, which is both entertaining yet at the same time distracting me from my main goal of studying.

That is all.


4 Replies to “A Vow”

  1. I really don’t understand the appeal of House. Then again, I’ve only seen about 5 minutes of it. You really should check out Grey’s Anatomy.

  2. I think the appeal to House is the huge sarcasm that gets used throughout the episode. It’s genius because that the same sarcasm allows House to figure out the problem and be able to solve it.

    From the little bit of Grey’s Anatomy I’ve seen, it seems a lot more sexual.

  3. House is genius…Pim, our Thai exchange student has got the whole house (no pun intended) watching it.

    1 week until exams and I have 3 months of material to learn 😛

  4. Yes! At least some people appreciate House’s genius.

    Will, those 3 months of school are nothing. You and I both know you didn’t really learn anything. 😉 Man, to think, you’re almost done of school. And I’m not even done of midterms. Calculus went extremely well tonight though. I’m weighing breaking my House vow as a reward to myself. Haha.. 😐

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