A Taste of Netflix

I’m behind the times.

After seemingly both the wax and wane had passed, I jumped on the Netflix wagon a week ago. I signed up and started my month trial of the streaming option. First impressions were fantastic; I could watch it on my computer, on my Xbox 360 and on my Windows Phone. The first movie I picked was also a doozie – Momento (great movie, watch it if you haven’t already).

This past weekend, I had some free time, so I went trawling through the IMDB top 250 for another movie to watch on Netflix.

Fight Club – DVD only.

Let’s try… City of God. Nope, DVD only as well.

Oh, The Usual Suspects looks interesting. Oh, not available for streaming either. Darn.

Pan’s Labyrinth, The King’s Speech. Not available, no. In Bruges, no. Same for Magnolia. DVD only for Gran Torino, Hotel Rwanda and Into the Wild.

At that point, I decided to cancel. Bye, Netflix. That was a brief encounter.


3 Replies to “A Taste of Netflix”

  1. Jeez, you’ve even got American Netflix which is way better than the junk we get in Canada.

    I just use it for watching old Jackie Chan movies and re-watching episodes of Community…

    1. Amazon’s programming is even worse. There just aren’t any good all-you-can-eat streaming options with top tier content it seems.

      Many times, I wonder if it’s simply more worthwhile to pay the $3-4 per instance of a digital movie rental that I want, as opposed to $8/month for things I don’t particularly care to watch.

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