A Seattle Sunset

Seattle at Sunset

With work really ramping up these past couple weeks, I decided, instead of a long trip, to take the long weekend to catch my breath at home and write some specs. Still, I’ve missed photography enormously, and with few weekends left in the summer, I decided to stop at Jose Rizal Park, on my way home from some chair-shopping at IKEA. The day’s weather vacillated between cloudy and sunny, and hoping that trend continued through sunset, I camped out just above the I-90, waiting for the sun to set.

This is a 3-shot HDR. Exif is for the center exposure. The sunset itself didn’t turn out to be anything spectacular, but I liked how the I-90 to I-5 ramp guided the eye toward the city. I’m going to have to return there in the future. It’s a pretty popular spot as I learned. I met a couple other photographers through the evening, also eager to take in the sunset.

It’s busy time for PMs in the Office org. I’m trying to take advantage of the challenging task assigned to me, but it’s been a steep learning curve. Baptism by fire, if you will. While I might whine about it quietly, I’d much rather be over-engaged than bored with a trivial task.


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