A La Hemingway

I said I wanted to break away from the generic header-content-sidebar-footer type themes recently. Looking at blogs like BinaryBonsai or BrokenKode, you see that they don’t use the general layout for their blogs. In fact either people like them inspired Hemingway or perhaps Hemingway inspired their blog design. In any case, I love it. I fully plan on using a modified version of the theme. It’s a little tough to get to know the (quite complex I might add) theme so I may end up making a theme based along the same design as Hemingway but without the complicated back end to it. You’re able to quite a few modifications to the theme just through a theme control panel. However, there are some things I’m looking for that Hemingway doesn’t offer in its default form. My glance through the code didn’t present me any clear way to modify it to my requirements. As such, I may end up having to make something myself. But either way, I must have the design.

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