A Few Days on the Job

It’s only been 3 days on the job, but I’m already in the thick of things. I’ve been given my first project, one that will probably take upwards of 3 weeks to see through to completion. I’m working on a different product than the last time I was at Sybase, but this is quite welcomed. Not only does it mean I get to do something different (who likes doing the same thing again and again) but I also have the opportunity to learn a lot more. For example, my first project involves a lot of work with Oracle databases, and the ADO.NET API, neither of which I’ve had any prior experience with. It’s very rewarding to start from scratch, with limited knowledge of a subject and end up with a final product a little while later.

Again, and perhaps even more this semester, I’ve been encouraged to think about things that I’d like to work on. In particular, it was suggested that I should keep my eyes open for interesting and exciting developments in the industry to write some papers on and get published. Some research and publicity sounds like a great way to get my name out there. In addition, I’ll be taking on more responsibilities, including holding a webcast on my own, left to present and answer questions. I don’t know what the topic will be yet, but that’ll come later in the semester, when I become more comfortable with the products I’m working with.

I ended off the week with a lovely dinner at a Charcoal Group restaurant (of which Wildcraft is also a part of), Charcoal Steak House. The atmosphere at the venue was very nice and classy. Definitely recommended.


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