3B Completed

I’m finally beginning to accept that I have the next week and a half off from school or work or any other type of scheduled behavior. Boy, does it feel nice to spend some time doing nothing without feeling guilty about shirking this or that responsibility. Well, perhaps not absolutely nothing; the GRE preparation book calls my name every now and then.

The 3B semester was one of the tougher semesters thus far, not because of the material itself, which proved to be easily grasped, but due to the endless projects. As always, one of the difficulties in group projects is the management task and making sure everything gets finished according to the timelines set out. It’s easy to be responsible for oneself with assignments, but to get everyone on the same page, not to mention the inevitable head-butting at times, is a much more draining task. Thankfully, things worked out alright. Our fourth year design project group also has a decent start, in preparation for the push next semester.

Yes, I’m back for 4 more months of university in the summer semester (or ‘Spring semester’ as UWaterloo likes to call it). The 4A semester is the first where we get to choose what we want to do since beginning university 4 years ago. I’ve lined up ECE 411, 418, and 438. Two communications-related and a microelectronic devices course. The fourth course I’m enrolled in is Anthropology, but I’m hoping to switch that out for ECON 231, International Economics. Anthropology is simply there to satisfy my List A Complementary Studies requirement, but I think taking that course as a distance education class would be easier.

The 4A semester requires only 4 courses, with an additional course unit being used up for the 4th year design project . I haven’t had a schedule as open and lax ever at university. There are several days with only one or two hours of classes. It will require some seriously disciplined time management to ensure that I don’t waste a lot of time.

For the break, I’m planning a short trip for the family over the weekend and into the next week. The weather in southern Ontario is supposed to be absolutely fantastic, 20C and up with beautiful, clear skies. Preliminarily, the plan is to drive up to the Bruce Peninsula. There’s some fantastic hiking and scenery to be had. I’m already excited about the photo opportunities! Then, later next week, I’m planning to spend a day in Toronto and attend a Toronto Symphony Orchestra concert with a friend. Should be loads of fun.


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  1. You realize that with all your free time I’m expecting a serious increase in Flickr uploads…at least from your current 1 every 7 years to 1 every couple days.

  2. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Weather’s looking fine and I’m going to try to make it up to where the cliffs and water meet, so there should be some great opportunities for photography.

    I just picked up a Nikon circular polarizer so I’ll finally be able to get some haze-free photos in bright sunlight. 🙂

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