Apple To Delay Leopard to October?

There’s talk that Apple may delay the release of OS X Leopard (OS 10.5) to October of this year. The reason? Windows Vista. At least, that’s the reason being cited by industry sources.

I personally find this hard to believe. While Boot Camp is a great feature, enticing hesitant Windows users to at least try out OS X and giving them the option to use Windows as well, it’s hardly THE reason to buy a Mac. Plus this runs against two fundamental issues:

  1. Microsoft Vista adoption has not been very high
  2. Apple didn’t want you to upgrade to Vista merely because iTunes was half-compatible. What makes anyone think they’ll put off a whole OS to make Boot Camp work with Vista?

From the article:

If Leopard supports only Windows XP, then the chances of the new OS attracting Windows users to buy an Apple computer decreases, stated industry observers, noting that with Vista support, Apple’s chances of increasing its share of the PC market would increase.

Users aren’t running out and buying Vista en masse, and as it stands, the operating system of choice for a Boot Camp install is still Windows XP. To delay an OS X refresh from the suspected April-to-June launch to October wouldn’t increase, but decrease sales. Even if Boot Camp-Vista compatibility is a problem, it would make sense to launch Leopard with XP compatibility, then add Vista support as an update later; perhaps October if that’s how long it takes. That way, the users who want Leopard and don’t care about Vista can buy their computers/upgrades earlier and the people who want Vista can wait until October for the update.

Sure, there may be a small decrease in the number of users interested, compared to launching with fully Vista compatibility; the people who wanted Vista as well as OS X will probably wait until a version of Boot Camp supports Vista. However, the OS X refresh would be available several months earlier. This would be a catalyst for users who use OS X (and Windows XP) while not affecting Vista users – they’ll just wait until the update is available, presumably in October. Waiting until a fully operational version of Boot Camp before launching Leopard only serves to irk users who don’t care about Vista.

I’m seriously hoping Apple won’t push Leopard out that far. I’d been planning on picking up a MacBook (Pro?) this summer, hopefully after a combined Leopard+Santa Rosa upgrade to the lineup.

Atwitter Over Twitter

The web (or at least the blogging subset) is all caught up in Twitter maddness. Twitter is a service that allows people to follow users in their day to day adventures through alerts to your phone or on the net. The reaction has been of ‘excitement’. While much of the reaction has been positive, there has been some resentment towards the service as well. Meanwhile, some bloggers, who were initially skeptical, have fallen for it.

I started off blogging as a way to keep track of what I was doing on a day to day basis. I posted nearly every day; some days, I’d post more than once. My blog ended up being quite tiresome. I felt as though I was obligated to post something every day; as you can imagine, there were plenty of posts filled with, ‘I don’t really have anything to say, but I’m writing nonetheless for the sake of it.’ Perhaps in that state, this blog could’ve been transferred completely over to a Twitter-like system. Essentially, I was writing short snippets of my daily happenings anyways. I don’t completely regret following that sort of writing style. I find it interesting to look back upon my daily events, and I’m sure it’ll be especially nice several years down the road. Don’t get me wrong, I still write about things that happen in my life. Instead of every little, unnecessary detail, I’m posting only things that are significant.

But Twitter’s all about writing every detail of your daily life. A quick look at the home page will net you gems such as:

  • Watching TV
  • feeling hungry. it’s time to go for lunch
  • I’ve been on an updating frenzy.. virb, livejournal, flickr, twitter.. I have them all.. I suppose thats a problem.

That last one’s especially candid. With so many networking services, it’s not too difficult to see how fragmented our attention span has, or will, become. Over at the Creating Passionate Users blog, a post on Twitter points out the fact that time between interruptions (be it from our cell phones, the web, IM, etc) is quickly dwindling to 0 (well, you get the idea). I’d probably go crazy if my phone was constantly beeping, indicating yet another trivial and pointless message…

I’ll give Twitter one thing. It could be rather interesting for high profile persons. While I couldn’t care less about being ‘connected’ with my friends every minute of the day, seeing what someone like Steve Jobs does in the run of a mill day would be entertaining. It’s extraordinarily unlikely that would ever happen. I’m pretty sure there would be some concern about unwanted attention in the real world. The truth is, most of our lives aren’t terribly interesting, all the time. Tell me the significant incidents in a well written blog. I don’t care for your thought of the moment in 140 characters or less.

I’m sure a significant proportion of the blogs out there are based on describing one’s day to day activities, just like how this one started out. However, blog’s are also a source of information. There are countless how-to’s, reviews, and troubleshooting articles. A Google search for just about any problem will usually result in at least one blog post describing a solution or possible solution. A platform like Twitter threatens the content of blogs. I’m not concerned that personal bloggers are finding Twitter to their satisfaction, but it’s when a person like Jason Calacanis says publicly he’s doing most of his ‘blogging’ on Twitter that it really strikes home: Blog content is getting killed. It’ll reduce the amount of ‘good’ content available.

It’s pretty difficult to write anything substantial in those 140 characters Twitter affords you. I just hope Jason is an exception and not the rule.

Things That Get You To This Site

I’ve been dabbling in various statistics services, trying to find one I’m happy with. As a by-product, I’ve been going through the logs and seeing some curious referrals to this site. I’ve compiled a list of the more popular and interesting ones I found.


The most popular section of this site is the themes for WordPress (although I’m guilty of having neglected those themes recently). So it makes sense that the majority of the incoming links to this site are to that section. The WordPress Codex has brought the largest number of visitors of any single site. After that comes the links from Weblog Tools Collection. One of my themes, Hemmed, was featured a while back, and that brought in quite a few visitors. The remaining links are mostly friends’ blogs and a few visits here and there from people who’ve followed the footer links in my themes.


It’s not too surprising to note that Google commands the lion’s share of searches that end up at this site. However, it is a bit shocking that over 90% of searches to this site are from Google, given its actual search market share. Perhaps that’s a sign of the quality of users? I’d imagine most of the users who are searching for WordPress templates know how to use the Internets… But without further ado, here’s a list of some searches that have led to this site.

  • Charlie - Most of the searches for Charlie come from Yahoo. Google hasn’t seen fit to put me closer to the top of the results for this query yet.
  • Hemmed - I’m going to assume they’re looking for my theme and not pant alterations.
  • Random Process – I wonder…
  • Slap someone – This one was a little surprising, until I followed the link. Yeah, so I was a little peeved by those patent holding companies.
  • PDENG - That hellish excuse of a course, that the University of Waterloo requires all engineers to do during work terms, also draws in visitors. I’d imagine they’re probably feeling worse off after reading all I’ve written about it.
  • Vista install hangs – I ran into this problem and decided I’d let all the world know a/the fix. Basically the installation will freeze with certain BIOS versions of the ASUS P5W DH. I hope I solved that problem for some people. I know I was ripping my hair out, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
  • 5th gen iPod – I’d say this is more the result of the massive number of searches for iPods in general.
  • Technical presentation milestone – Or random other variations on that. This is a University of Waterloo requirement for 2A Electrical and Computer Engineers. Basically you give a 15 minute talk on anything remotely technical. I was overly worried about it, but really, it’s way over-hyped. It’s terribly easy to pass. (As long as you speaka da gud engrish.)