Currently, that’s how I would rank my midterms. Two wins, two losses. Well, the losses aren’t that bad. My ECE100 midterm (circuits, EM fields, etc) didn’t go as well as I had hoped. So that was truly disappointing. The other one, physics probably went as well as it could have, but still ended with something quite short of an awe-inspiring mark. (Well, I’m not actually sure what I got, but discussing with some classmates, I have a pretty good idea.) The remaining two, calculus and discrete math both went extremely well. I knew how to do all the questions so it’ll be down to a matter of it I did something stupid. I just did my discrete math midterm earlier tonight and although it was slated to be a 2 hour midterm, I was done after about 50 minutes to an hour.

So my last one is management science (bookkeeping really at this point) and I haven’t even cracked the book open yet. I feel fairly confident about that though; I seem to know what I’m doing when I follow along with the material in class and the practise problems I’ve done have all gone pretty smoothly. I’ll definitely still have to look over some definitions but it shouldn’t be too bad. I remember someone saying there are sample midterms for this class as well, so I’ll have to check them out.

I can hardly wait until Thursday when I’ll be free… for two weeks until I have another midterm. 😐


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