101 True Facts

I saw this idea over at two blogs of friends, Melissa (who came up with the idea) and Reese. I thought it was an awesome idea and I set out to make one of my own. After a couple days’ compilation, here’s what I came up with.

  1. Still isn’t used to living away from home.
  2. Secretly worries about the parents
  3. Finds a 9 to 5 job easier than university
  4. Publicly and silently bemoans the lack of females in engineering
  5. Is a chronic procrastinator
  6. Is feverishly working on that procrastination problem
  7. Wonders if engineering is the right career path
  8. Puts himself down when he feels inferior
  9. Still thinks he won’t find friends like he had/has
  10. Ponders the meaning of life less and less
  11. Ponders life decisions more and more
  12. Tries to not appear geeky
  13. Fails horribly at that
  14. Feels terribly guilty when he sees emails he hasn’t replied to
  15. Worries that long time friends will eventually fall away
  16. Understands that it is the way it is
  17. Used to get jealous very easily but is getting better at controlling that
  18. Is competitive only when he thinks he can win
  19. Is not sure if he ever liked classical piano
  20. Knows for sure he loves jazz but can’t see himself pursuing it
  21. Bragged one too many times about his 1337 UT skillz
  22. Has had his piano books with him while at university but has yet to use them
  23. The once he tried, the room happened to be under renovations
  24. Didn’t learn to wash his own clothes until university
  25. Definitely didn’t know how to change the bedsheets until university
  26. Still has a hell of a hard time doing that
  27. Actually does enjoy long walks
  28. Has an insatiable thirst for new gadgets
  29. Is way too worried about what others think of him
  30. Is doing next to change that mental state
  31. Has only dated one person, but acts otherwise
  32. Often tries too hard to be witty
  33. Always precedes repeating something with “I just said… “
  34. Hates PDEng with all of his body, especially…
  35. Sees two new buildings going up around the University of Waterloo but has no clue what they are
  36. Misses driving a lot
  37. Thinks he’d be scared to drive in Ontario anyways
  38. Feels jipped that his full driver’s license got turned into less than a full license in Ontario
  39. Only got a cell phone this year
  40. Has around 100 people on his cleaned up MSN list but talks to maybe 15 of them
  41. Lowered his personal expectations upon entering university
  42. Reminisces too much
  43. Is starting to speak his mind a little more freely now
  44. Regrets having done that on more than one occasion
  45. Pays too much attention to his site statistics
  46. Likes to brag a little too much
  47. Won the provincial (PEI) piano championship three times
  48. Can’t find a single with how he was raised
  49. Is afraid he won’t be able to do the same for his kids (in the future)
  50. Consequently isn’t sure he wants to have kids
  51. Despite being a geek can’t type properly of all things
  52. Can hunt and peck at over 30 WPM (more pecking, less hunting)
  53. Has become addicted to blogging
  54. Isn’t sure what will become of that next semester when school starts again
  55. Still has no idea how to cook for the most part
  56. Is not sure if he’s actually become any more independent since entering university
  57. Is certain he has matured since entering university
  58. Gets on average 6 hours of sleep each night (tiring)
  59. Gets a lump in his throat when he looks at the last pictures he took on the Island
  60. Is starting to like Firefox less and less
  61. Reads certain emails over and over
  62. Is very critical of his programming skills
  63. That’s probably because he has none
  64. Was too lazy to find a place and cook for himself for his first co-op term
  65. Regrets living in residence during his co-op term
  66. Thinks his BS’ing skills have increased greatly since the advent of the PDEng program
  67. Has little knack for creativity
  68. Can’t believe what clothes he puts on in the morning
  69. Usually only discovers the awful match when it’s too late and he’s at work/in class
  70. Tried fasting for one day since university started and couldn’t do it
  71. Blatantly admitted he was wrong and apologized twice this year (so far)
  72. Dislikes it when people follow trends
  73. Has two iPods…
  74. Realizes he is very hypocritical after reading the previous 73 facts
  75. Is scared to do an overall health checkup because he’s afraid of what might be wrong
  76. Is a chronic worrier
  77. Looks young for his age, which is already pretty young
  78. Strongly believes he will get ID’ed until he’s pushing 30 (ohh…)
  79. Loves the BlackBerry and tries to find excuses to get one
  80. Has had essentially the same music library for the past year
  81. Gets embarrassed for other people even when they’re not embarrassed for themselves
  82. Embarrassingly still drools every so often while sleeping
  83. Counts Google among his friends
  84. Regrets not saying goodbye to some people before leaving the Island
  85. Takes too much for granted
  86. Could probably name over 100 companies by their ticker symbols (sad)
  87. Knows the number PI to 10 decimal places for some reason
  88. Is a terrible multitasker
  89. Finds silences on the phone with some people terribly awkward and with other people perfectly fine
  90. Thinks the external hard drive is a ingenious invention
  91. Has tried awfully hard to keep the techie stuff in this list to a minimum
  92. Met someone at a summer camp whom he’ll never forget
  93. Can make people laugh but can’t tell a joke
  94. |5 ||07 4 |-|4><0|2 (is not a haxor for those not leet enough) 🙂
  95. Saw Bill Gates in person
  96. Failed something major for the first time in his first semester of university
  97. At one point wanted to be an astronomer
  98. Pretends to know when someone asks him is he remembers an event early in his life
  99. In reality, he usually has no recollection at all of the event in question
  100. Regrets not consciously making the effort to remember certain things in his childhood
  101. Realizes he could have written many more than 101 true facts.

By the end, I realized I could have written so many more. I even went back and edited a few of them to make room for more interesting ones. Those replaced some of the ones that were more forced and less genuine. Perhaps I’ll start whipping up another list for posting at some later time.

Great idea Melissa! 🙂


3 Replies to “101 True Facts”

  1. Nice list chuck, got me curious on a couple. if we ever get to chat ill ask you. i hate typing on a laptop….its ridiculously hard, consequently i have given up on capitals and many other grammar things.

    wait till you see the laptop my host parents got for me to use while im here. its quite bop.

  2. Isn’t it the most amazing thing, when you finish it, you realize how much you have to say to everyone, and how much they may not really truly know about you.

    I feel like I know you a trillion times better now than this time last year after talking to you on the phone and reading this post. That’s a little bit sad, but you know where I’m coming from.

    Big kudos to the post.

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