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Byte Size


Lisa Bettany¬†takes a comprehensive look at the iPhone’s rear-facing camera image quality comparison across scenarios, through the years. The first iPhone was average at the time, but Apple¬†made significant improvements through the iPhone 5. Looks like the 6 brings some additional detail and noise performance enhancements.


Maxwell – GM204 incarnation - is darned impressive, from a power, performance, and pricing perspective, all while being stuck on 28nm process, still. Been eying one of those 34″ 21:9 displays. A GTX 970 might go nicely with that!


Filling in the mid-range: Lumia 730 series and Lumia 830 launched this past week for between 200-340 Euros. The 730 series is within spitting distance of the new Moto G2 on both specs and price point. The Lumia 830 is a fantastic-looking design and should have a great camera.