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Byte Size


Filling in the mid-range: Lumia 730 series and Lumia 830 launched this past week for between 200-340 Euros. The 730 series is within spitting distance of the new Moto G2 on both specs and price point. The Lumia 830 is a fantastic-looking design and should have a great camera.


I was looking forward to the Moto 360, very much, and thought it could replace my analog wristwatch, which recently broke. But, the reviews are in, and battery life looks like a deal breaker, at well under a day.

Even this big, honking model had to be charged twice a day. Most days, after charging it overnight, I had to put it back on its wireless charging cradle by 4 p.m.

How is that, in any way, acceptable for a watch?


When something irrational happens, most try to find a logical reason to explain matters. Sometimes, the reasonable course of action is to simply attribute nonsensical behavior to nonsensical-ness, as Stifel does today on TSLA.

…the reality is, these issues simply do not matter with respect to Tesla’s stock. Tesla sentiment is like a freight train… Tesla has captivated a global audience, some of whom have lost interest in distinguishing horsepower ratings among the dozens of $100k-plus luxury vehicles, others that would have never considered spending six-figures on anything but a house.

Customer sentiment != investor sentiment. When your world is the one of investment, momentum’s physics don’t quite work the way we expect.